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I have been a horticultural speaker since the last century. And I travel all around the M25 giving talks to many different groups who get together in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. Also lunch and supper clubs.

I have run my nursery even longer, growing and selling plants via mail order, some shows and at the talks. I really enjoy giving talks. My style is in formative and light-hearted. I like to encourage all things horticultural with humour.

Herewith below an updated list of my talks for your groups consideration:

At the Nursery – what goes on in & out of a traditional nursery

Asters (Symphyotrichums) — history & propagation

Botanically Speaking — Greek & Latin plant names explained

Botanist or Not?plant origins, history & cultivation

Brussel sprouts to Tangerines — Christmas fruit & vegetable stories

Film & Television plants – a delight of flora on the big & small screen

Hardy Geraniums — history & propagation

Herbs — culinary, cultivation & folklore

I am a Tulip what are you? — plants with people’s names & terms of endearment

Nat/Bot Quiz — natural history & botanical quiz

Nuts — cultivation & history of Nuts from around the world

Roses — all about Roses

Spices — a super spicy story

Sugar — cultivation & history

The history of the Victoria sponge cake — history & ingredient facts

Water — how I got a water connection to a field in the middle of nowhere.

In the majority of the talks I bring plants for propagation and reference. And for all the talks I bring plants to sell and donate to the raffle.
Also I am available at short notice.

If invited I will travel anywhere in Great Britain or around the world.

Hopefully there is something here that appeals to you and your members.

Please contact me for availibility, prices and any further information.

Jacqueline Aviolet