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All plants offered for sale, are true to type based on our observations. All pot grown plants can be planted out at any time of year, weather permitting. Do not plant out if frost/snow is forecast. In colder weather plant out in the mornings this gives some time to acclimatise. In hot weather plant out in the evenings, this is when it is cooler. And give a good drink of water. Bare root roses can either be potted up or planted in the garden when you receive them. As this is the winter time you do not need to water if the weather is inclement. But if a dry winter or potting up please water liberally. Do not grow Roses inside.

It is worth putting a mulch around 30cm plus varieties and a layer of shingle or grit around the smaller varieties. You may plant all plants listed, in any soil type. But Dianthus and Lavenders prefer alkaline and Roses like an enriched soil. All plants can be grown in pots. Roses usually need as large a pot as possible. If growing in pots remember to water regularly as they are unable to draw up from the ground.

Mail orders are despatched as soon as possible. If there is a delay you will be informed. Delays are usually because of demand and occasionally cold spells can hold up growth. It is impossible to determine absolutely what quantities are required but at least you know they are newly grown.

Roses are lifted in late autumn/winter time and are not grown at any other time of the year. If we run out, that is it, until the next late autumn/winter. You can pre-order Roses for delivery in the winter time.

To aid with despatch please leave your name, address, phone number and email when placing an order or contacting us.

When you receive your order, open parcel immediately and if you are unable to plant up or out for a few days, give them some water and place in a semi-shade position until you are ready. All pots should be potted on to a larger pot, if you do not manage to plant in the garden.

Species and cultivars mentioned in previous lists and not mentioned this year may be available in small quantities. Also any varieties not mentioned before may also be available.

Where possible we use sustainable world friendly materials. Please feel good about planting lots or just one plant in a pot or your cherished garden. They or it will give you years of enjoyment with minimal effort.

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