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Roses are supplied in 4 litre pots from spring to autumn.
The rest of the year they are sold as ‘bare root’.
Roses are £12.00 each + post & packing.

It is more expensive for Roses if sold in pots because of the weight of the pot, compost and rose. In our local area Roses can be delivered. See Post & packing information

Roses require an enriched soil. Give a good dollop of compost or well rotted manure at planting time. Water the hole, water the pot they come in and water after planting. Give ‘Climbers’ a good watering weekly for a few months in the year that you buy them. Roses are tree-like, woody and will thrive after a good start and should last for about 50 years. Take off dead flowers to encourage continuous blooming.


Rosa ‘Aloha’
Double warm rose pink, strong scent, flowers June/October,
Ht.3.5m, full sun

Rosa ‘Arthur Bell’
Double, golden yellow fading to lemon, fragrant, Ht.3.5m,
flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Blue Moon’
Lilac mauve, highly scented, double blooms June/September,
Ht.2.5m, full sun

Rosa ‘Red Eden’
Rich red, medium sized double roses, fragrant, Ht.2.5m,
flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Mme. Alfred Carriere’
Double, white, fading to light pink roses, scented, Ht.4m,
flowering June/September, sun/shade

Rosa ‘Oklahoma’
Dark red, double rose with strong sweet perfume, Ht.2.5m,
flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Penny Lane’
Soft peach, opening to white, double, sweetly scented, Ht.4m, full sun,
flowering June/September,

Rosa ‘Pink Perpetue’
Two-tone rich pink, double,flowers, long flowering June/October, Ht.4m,
full sun

Rosa ‘Schoolgirl
Apricot orange, fragrant, double, flowers June/September, Ht.4m, full sun


Rosa ‘Margaret Merrill’
Beautiful, double,hite, fully opening to let the pollinators in, scented rose,
flowers June/October, Ht.1m, full sun

Rosa ‘Queen Elizabeth’
Soft rose pink, double, tall good for cutting, light fragrance, Ht.2m, full sun,
flowers June/September,

Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’
Plummy, maroon hint of rich pink, fading to slate grey/blue, semi-double,
fragrant, Ht.1.2m, flowering June/October, full sun

Hybrid Tea

Rosa ‘Alec’s Red’
Large cherry red roses, strong perfume, flowers June/September,
Ht.80cm, full sun

Rosa ‘Blue Moon’
Lilac-blue, highly scented, double flowers, Ht.90cm, full sun
flowers June/September

Rosa ‘Claire Marshall’
Vibrant cerise to warm pink roses, fragrant, flowers June/September,
Ht.80cm, full sun

Rosa ‘Rachel’
Frilly peachy/pink/white fragrant flowers, Ht.90cm, full sun,
flowers June/October

Rosa ‘Rosemary Harkness’
Large orange, pink, yellow, highly scented blooms, Ht.90cm,
flowering June/October, full sun

Rosa ‘Doris Tysterman’
Large, bright orange/tangerine roses, lightly scented, Ht.80cm,
flowers June/September, full sun


Rosa ‘Louise Odier’ Bourbon rose
Double, double warm fragrant blooms, flowers June/September,
Ht.1.2m, full sun

Rosa ‘Marjorie Fair’
Clusters of single plum/red with white eye flowers, Ht.90cm,
flowering June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘The Fairy’
Semi-double soft rose pink roses, long flwoering July/October,
Ht.90cm, full sun