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Roses are supplied in 4 litre pots
In late autumn to early spring they can be sold as ‘bare root’.
Roses are £12.00 each + post & packing.

It is more expensive for Roses if sold in pots because of the weight of the pot, compost and rose. This is not to put you off, it is being honest about the weight and costs. In our local area Roses can be delivered. See Post & packing information

Roses are beautiful, fragrant, evocative, alluring, sensual and inviting. Adding value, structure and beauty to your garden. Long lasting and great gifts for you, family and your friends. Grow your very own bunch of flowers. And a burglar deterrent!

Roses require an enriched soil. Give a good dollop of compost or well-rotted manure at planting time. Water the hole, water the pot they come in and water after planting. Give ‘Climbers’ a good watering weekly for a few months in the year that you buy them. Roses are tree-like, woody and will thrive after a good start and should last for about 50 years. Take off dead flowers to encourage continuous blooming.


Rosa ‘Aloha’
Double warm rose pink, strong scent, flowers June/October,
Ht.3.5m, full sun

Rosa ‘Arthur Bell’
Double, golden yellow fading to lemon, fragrant, Ht.3.5m,
flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Blue Moon’
Lilac mauve, highly scented, double blooms June/September,
Ht.2.5m, full sun

Rosa ‘Bright Future’
Rich orange, fading to light orange, double, scented roses
June/October, Ht.3m, full sun

Rosa ‘Guinee’
Dark rich crimson, double, velvety, cup shaped fragrant roses,
Ht.5m, flowers June/August, full sun

Rosa ‘Kathleen Harrop’
Blush soft pink with darker centres, double, fragrant blooms,
Ht.2.5m, long flowering May/October, nearly thornless, full sun

Rosa ‘Lady Hillingdon’
Deep apricot-yellow pointed perfumed double roses, Ht.2.5m,
flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Mme. Alfred Carriere’
Double, white, fading to light pink roses, scented, Ht.4m,
flowering June/September, sun/shade

Rosa ‘Oklahoma’
Dark red, double rose with strong sweet perfume, Ht.2.5m,
flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Penny Lane’
Soft peach, opening to white, double, sweetly scented, Ht.4m, full sun,
flowering June/September,

Rosa ‘Pink Perpetue’
Two-tone rich pink, double flowers, long flowering June/October, Ht.4m,
full sun

Rosa ‘Red Eden Rose’
Rich red, medium sized double roses, scented, Ht.2.5m,
flowering June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Schoolgirl
Apricot orange, fragrant, double, flowers June/September, Ht.4m,
full sun


Rosa ‘Champagne Moment’
Two-tone pale apricot centres to creamy outer petals, lightly scented,
Ht.1.2m, flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Crazy for You’
Splattered cream and cherry red on petals, fragrant, Ht.90cm, full sun,
flowering June/September

Rosa ‘Margaret Merrill’
Beautiful, double, white, fully opening to let the pollinators in, scented
roses, flowers June/October, Ht.1m, full sun

Rosa ‘Queen Elizabeth’
Soft rose pink, double, tall, good for cutting, light fragrance, Ht.2m, full sun,
flowers June/September,

Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’
Plummy, maroon hint of rich pink, fading to slate grey/blue, semi-double,
fragrant, Ht.1.2m, flowering June/October, full sun

Rosa ‘Valentine Heart’
Red buds flowers, opening to soft pink, semi-double, sweetly scented,
Ht.70cm, full sun, flowers June/September

Hybrid Tea

Rosa ‘Alec’s Red’
Large cherry red roses, double flowers, strong perfume, Ht.80cm, full sun, flowering June/September

Rosa ‘Aphrodite’
Large double flowers, soft pink flowers, strong fragrance flowers June/October, Ht.1m, full sun

Rosa ‘Blue Moon’
Lilac-blue, highly scented, double flowers, Ht.90cm, full sun
flowers June/September

Rosa ‘Claire Marshall’
Vibrant cerise to warm pink roses, fragrant, flowers June/September,
Ht.80cm, full sun

Rosa ‘Deep Secret’
Large deep velvety red roses, double, strong fragrance, Ht.1.2m,
flowering June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Doris Tysterman’
Large bright, orange tangerine roses, Ht.80cm, lightly scented,
flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘First Great Western’
Lilac centres, merging to mid pink outer petals, strong fragrance,
Ht.1.2m, full sun, flowers June/September

Rosa ‘Fragrant Cloud’
Coral red, double, strong sweet scent, Ht.90cm, full sun,
flowering June/October

Rosa ‘Just Joey’
Orange, apricot fading to buff petals, fragrant, double, Ht.90cm,
large flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Mary Berry’
Lemon inner with white outer petals, large, double, strong fragrance,
Ht.1.2m, flowering June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Proper Job’
Crimson/plummy double highly scented roses, Ht.1.2m,
flowers June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Rachel’
Frilly peachy/pink/white fragrant flowers, Ht.90cm, full sun,
flowers June/October

Rosa ‘Rosemary Harkness’
Large orange, pink, yellow, highly scented blooms, Ht.90cm,
flowering June/October, full sun

Rosa ‘Simply the Best’
Large golden orange roses, double, fragrant, Ht.1.2m, full sun,
flowering June/September

Rosa ‘Warm Wishes’
Soft coral pink double roses, fragrant, Ht.80cm, full sun,
flowers June/September


Rosa ‘Jacques Cartier’
Large rosette mid pink blooms, with button eye, very fragrant,
Ht.1.2m, full sun, long flowering June/October

Rosa ‘Louise Odier’
Double, double warm fragrant blooms, flowers June/September,
Ht.1.2m, full sun (Bourbon)

Rosa ‘Marjorie Fair’
Clusters of single plum/red with white eye flowers, Ht.90cm,
flowering June/September, full sun

Rosa ‘Mme Isaac Pereire’
Large double, carmine pink to purplish pink flowers, Ht.2m,
highly scented, full sun, flowers June/September (Bourbon)

Rosa ‘Souvenir du Dr. Jarmain’
Wine red to purple plum double flowers, strong sweet scent. Ht.1.2m,
semi-shade for less fading, flowers June/September

Rosa ‘The Fairy’
Semi-double soft rose pink roses, long flowering July/October,
Ht.90cm, full sun


If you are unable to plant out potted roses immediately after delivery, put the pot outside, somewhere where you can see it, to remind yourself to plant into a larger pot or the ground.
Dig a hole large enough to spread out the roots. Back fill with a mixture of mud, well rotted manure or compost. And give a mulch after planting around the base, on top of the soil.
When planting climbers plant at least 40cm away from the post, fence or wall.
At the top of the roots and below the branches/stems there is a ‘knobbly’ bit.
Which is the graft/scion. Pot up to the graft/scion or cover the roots to the graft/scion. Do not bury or cover the graft/scion.
If buying in the spring just as the rose is waking up give plenty of water and in warmer months water liberally until your rose settles.
All roses can be grown in pots. Choose as big a pot as possible. Each year renew the compost. And remember they cannot draw up water so give plenty of water in spring and hot weather.

Every year from late autumn until early March cut/prune back your roses (not climbers) branches/stems/twigs to 15cm. Clear away any debris branches, stems, twigs, leaves etc.
Cutting back will give your roses a good start next spring, cutting/pruning back encourages more branches/stems, so more flowers.
Climbers may also be cut/pruned back at the same time of the year but you only need to cut out dead stems, crossing/rubbing stems or awkward growing stems. Generally a light pruning each year to help shape your climber the way you want it to grow.