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You cannot help but talk about the weather in the UK. I am sure you all remember 2020 when we had unusually, more time and we were lucky enough to have the most glorious weather, which helped us all to get by. I was more or less watering every day from late spring to early September. This year although more tolerable weather we have had rain, rain and more rain.

How different it is this year to last. I think I have watered twice using my hose pipes. And then occasionally hand watering with a watering can, cuttings and established big pots. The cuttings because they need a splash as they put their roots down and the big pots because the water cannot get past the lower foliage covering the pot.

With this rain it suggests our gardens are lush with growth. I am for the the next 6 weeks or so as I do most years tidying up the overgrown plants because some of them are weeds! Hopefully making more room for more plants.

At my nursery I do not have tunnels, everything is grown in the open. This is important to know because my plants grow at a normal rate. There is no soft growth in the spring or late autumn but the plants are hardened off; useful for colder parts of the UK. They are well rooted and ready to put straight into the ground or for you to ‘pot up’ into larger pots.

I am also very pleased to say that I am now out and about giving ‘talks’ as the groups start to meet up again. And I can honestly say I have been almost giddy with happiness in seeing people!

Thank you all for the sales, bookings and enquiries. Here’s to it all continuing.

Jacqueline Aviolet