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Welcome to Rosie’s Garden Plants

It is lovely to be back online and in the most unusual of years has prompted this long awaited and welcome return.

And as we get ready for autumn in the UK it is a great time to get plants into the ground for a head start on next year. You can ‘pot up’ or put plants in the ground at any time of the year. The soil now though is warm and wet, ideal conditions to move plants around. And some nurseries get ahead preparing stock for now and early next year. So you can get hold of the varieties you have been looking for. Putting plants in the garden, allows them to still put on growth and also get their roots down and settled before the wintertime.

The watching and waiting of the plants we’ve purchased or grow, leads to the fantastic culmination of a burst or riot of colour, have been like a metaphor of our current lives…seeing blooming good in all the worries. In a way it has been an uplifting delight as we have had time to ‘smell the roses’.

There are lots of plants still flowering and there are lots of autumn flowering plants that cheer us on and feed the insects before they hibernate.

I hope I am growing what you are after and look forward to hearing from you, whether for a talk or plants or some more information.

Stay safe and well, especially in your garden…

Jacqueline Aviolet