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Welcome to Rosie’s Garden Plants

It is lovely to be back online and in the most unusual of times has prompted this long awaited and welcome return.

There are lots of things you can do in the winter….

You can get hold of catalogues either online or in the post. And order seeds, plants, roses etc. Some nurseries are busy growing lots of plants to send out for now and from March onwards. For example all the bedding plants for your borders, tubs and hanging baskets are not hardy until at least late April. If you order now the nurseries know what to get ready. If you have a way to protect them in late winter such as a frost-free greenhouse you could get them earlier, if not get your order in for first deliveries.

It is a good time to move shrubs and trees around, as they are dormant. Dig the new position, making lots of room for the roots, adding well rotted manure or compost to give them a good start. And then dig up the trees and shrubs you need to move. Evergreen shrubs can be moved as well. Deciduous shrubs and trees are much lighter (less weight, no leaves) at this time of the year. This is the time (up to March) to buy and plant new trees, shrubs and fruit trees, before they wake up and put on growth. This the perfect time to get that rose you have always been looking for!

I picked some winter flowering fragrant honeysuckle and hellebores, mahonia, ivy, holly and put in vases around the house. One of my favorites which I cannot yet work out how to propagate is Callicarpa bodinieri ‘Profusion’. It has matt grey/green foliage in the summer and very small flowers. The leaves drop in the winter and the flowers become lilac/pink berries. Gorgeous!

Growing plants isn’t all about work but stopping and taking time to enjoy the beauty that nature shares with us, even in the winter time.

I thank all my customers who have supported me for buying plants and booking me for talks. And look forward to 2021 with a positive heart that via growing plants, taking in their scents, sights and deliciousness, knowing they will sustain me and the experienced and many new gardeners with hopefulness and joy.

Here’s to a Super Happy and a highly floriferous 2021

Stay safe and well, especially with a little fresh air, in your garden…

Jacqueline Aviolet